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Sustainable Economic Equality

Sustainable Economic Equality: Welcome

Our Mission

We provide a supportive framework to strengthen our women’s Economic Equality


-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awareness 

-Understanding Emotional Intelligence

-Learning How to Develop a Strategic Mindset (Problem Solving Skills)

-Negotiating Skills

-Public Speaking

-Guide to Personal Branding With LinkedIn

-Technological Literacy 

-Dress For Hire: First Suit-up and Interview Prep

We work to enhance our participant's professional image by dressing them to achieve economic equality and building confidence. Sustainable Economic Equality is a special and unique framework that fosters a rewarding environment in which to work. We are intensely focused on our commitment to helping disadvantaged women- female newcomers, women with disabilities, abused women, incarcerated women, women re-entering the workforce and post-secondary female students- in their respective communities achieve economic independence.

Sustainable Economic Equality: Text

Our Guiding Values

Building confidence and realizing the potential of every individual in the program to achieve self-sufficiency

Confident Businesswoman
Business Colleagues

Helping to build greater awareness of the barriers that underrepresented women face as they seek work and opportunities to become financially independent for themselves and their families

Working as a team to support each other and value each other's contributions


Respecting and valuing differences and maintaining the confidentiality of participants

Empowering participants to transfer their lives and re-envision their future

Small Business Owner
Sustainable Economic Equality: Services
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